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      Jack Taff Roofing Inc.

      Jack Taff Roofing Inc. is a family owned and professionally operated roofing company. We have taken great pride in placing our name on all work projects undertaken since 1949.

      In order to remain a top the Elite in our trade, Jack Taff Roofing has maintained a belief that pride in one's workmanship and a positive relationship with our customers are the foundation to achieving Excellence.

      Pride in one's work consists of:
      Accepting the rules and policies of the company
      Being concerned about all safety factors on a job
      Concentrating on performing quality workmanship in the eyes of oneself, company and customer.
      Determining that each and every task performed is an equally important building block to achieving success.

      Positive Relationship with customers consists of:
      Always thinking in the best interest of the customer
      Being Courteous to a customer from the very beginning.
      Creating a relationship that both the customer and Jack Taff Roofing are proud to be 
      involved in.
      Deciding that all actions undertaken are bound for success for all involved with positive references being obtained.

      Through quality workmanship and a positive relationship with our customers, Jack Taff Roofing has the ability to achieve Excellence in all goals that are set forth upon now and into the future.

      We would appreciate the opportunity to bid your next roofing and exterior project.


      Robert Taff

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